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Emily Griffith Technical College is Colorado's most diverse and affordable public college. Through nearly 30 industry-driven programs in the areas of adult education, health, trades, manufacturing, business, creative arts and design, EGTC has transformed the lives of nearly 2 million people and also fueled the workforce of the Denver economy over the course of the past 100 years. The college does this at a minimal cost to the students, and with the generous help of the Emily Griffith Foundation, attempts to provide scholarships to all students in the school.

Students at Emily Griffith Technical College are among the most diverse in our state. High schoolers sit in classrooms next to STEM professionals from other countries who have been resettled in Denver and are now looking to recertify their credentials in the USA. In the last academic year, EGTC served students who spoke more than 75 languages. Our students include high schoolers concurrently enrolled in CTE programs, non-native English speakers, re-careering adults, GED-seekers, formerly incarcerated persons, veterans, and single mothers who go on to successes after completing their programs.

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  • Colorado‚Äôs oldest and largest English Language Acquisition (ELA) program with more than 40 day and evening classes
  • Student Success Center offers free tutoring, study groups, resume workshops and computer access
  • Some of the lowest tuition in Colorado and the highest completion and job placement rates
  • Most programs can be completed in less than one year


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