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About Us

Colorado Ranchers, Inc. was founded in 1995 at a small plant in Brush, Colorado where the Mexican cheese, Asadero, Queso Fresco, and Menonita were manufactured. The demand for Mexican cheese and the growth of the Hispanic population created a need for additional cheese products under the Queso Campesino label.

Since 1998, Colorado Ranchers, Inc. has contracted with producers throughout the U.S. to produce only the highest quality Mexican cheese under the Queso Campesino label. Queso Campesino offers the traditional Queso Fresco, Menonita and Asadero cheese originally made in Brush, as well as 13 others Mexican cheeses. The Colorado Ranchers, Inc. warehouse distribution center is located in Denver, Colorado.

Queso Campesino is the ''Country Person Cheese'' and has been perceived as a more authentic and acceptable product by consumers, for both the Hispanic community and the general public. The original sales emphasis for Queso Campesino was food service, catering to Mexican restaurants and Carnicerias (small meat markets) where the quality of our cheese made it successful.

Queso Campesino Mexican cheese is currently packaged in bulk sizes as well as random weight and exact weight individual pieces.